Private Bay #3 Rental


Private Outdoor Shooting Range in Los Angeles

Personal Shotgun, Rifle and Pistol shooting ranges available for rent in Los Angeles to improve your shooting skills and accuracy.

Private outdoor shooting range in los angeles for rental

Private Bay #3 is a 3 Weapon Range. Minimum 2 shooters, includes up to 4. Any additional shooters are $30.00 to add additional people please see the additional shooter option at the bottom.

Firearms allowed: Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols
Ammo restrictions: NO steel jacket or steel core ammunition (armor piercing, incendiary rounds, tracer rounds) or bi-metal rounds

Amenities: Shaded area, shooting benches, portapotty. Targets and barricades are available at additional cost.
Parking: Accommodates up to 20 vehicles.

Bay size: Length – 232 ft / Width – 28 ft

*Please select the date, the time, followed by the number of additional shooters


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