Low-Light, No-Light Pistol Class


Low Light Shooting Course

Course: Low-Light, No-Light Pistol Class
Dates: 03/10/2019
Hours: *4:00 pm – 12:30 am (PST)
Price: $195.00

Learn Low Light Pistol Shooting Techniques

Many defensive shootings occur in low light or no light environments. This can be shooting during the hours of darkness, or in an interior environment with limited ambient light. To better prepare for such an encounter, we are providing a course focused on low light, no light shooting tactics. This course will focus heavily on the use of flashlights and other outside forms of illumination, the use of ambient light to obtain an acceptable sight picture, and the importance of target discrimination on defensive shootings. To this end, the course will utilize both the shooting range, as well as the indoor simulator with airsoft or simunition for training.

*Start and end times will vary depending on the time of the year.


Understanding of gun safety and range rules. Basic Handgun course.

Class Schedule

4:00 pm – Welcome and safety brief. Because of the limited light, safety measures will be unconditional with the four basic rules of firearms safety being stressed for both practical and tactical applications.

4:00 pm – Handgun fundamentals including grip, shooting platform, presentation, and marksmanship. Reloading using both slide lock and retention reloads. Emphasis will be on developing reliable and repeatable mechanics that can be deployed with limited visual input. Strong hand and weak hand only shooting will also be covered.

4:00 pm – Flashlight use to include various techniques for deploying handheld flashlights with the handguns. Students will be exposed to several viable methods for deploying the flashlight and handgun simultaneously. Additionally, we will discuss the pros and cons of constant illumination versus situational and limited illumination. This will be practiced during hours of daylight as we await darkness.

8:30 pm – Use of lights in unusual conditions such as barricades, homes, vehicles etcetera.

9:30 pm – Meal break

10:00 pm – Low light practice with various shooting drills using the studied techniques. Students will be encouraged to work with the various techniques and then select one that best suits their abilities.

11:30 pm – Use of light in a room and building environments. We will move to the “barn” for practice using the techniques while moving within a structure to locate and engage targets.

12:30 am – Debrief and close.

Bring The Following

Option A:

  1. Basic Handgun or equivalent knowledge
  2. 300 rounds ammunition
  3. Holster and magazine pouch
  4. 9mm pistol or 38 special minimum caliber
  5. 3 magazines or speed loaders
  6. Flashlight with fresh batteries. Preferably bring second, spare flashlight with fresh batteries.
  7. Clear eye protection
  8. Hearing protection
  9. Water and snacks

Option B:

  1. Handgun with 400 rounds of ammunition
  2. Holster, magazine pouches, and sturdy belt
  3. At least one handheld flashlight
  4. If your weapon and holster will accommodate a weapon mounted light, bring that as well but do not substitute a weapon mounted light for a hand-held flashlight
  5. Illumination tools should be at least 50 lumens, more is better


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