Advanced Pistol Course


The advanced handgun course is focused on the defensive use of handguns.

Topics we will discuss include:
• A review of marksmanship fundamentals
• High speed aiming
• Efficient presentations from the holster, both tactical and emergency reloading
• Movement during the presentation
• Shooting on the move
• Shooting around and over cover
• Multiple target engagements
• Precise targets such as head shots and partially covered targets

The advanced handgun course will also give students a solid road map of what to practice and how to improve and maintain proficiency.

Dates: September 7, December 8, 2019
Cost: $225

Pistol Marksmanship Training

Course: Advanced Pistol Course
Dates: September 7, December 8, 2019
Instructor: Mike Lazarus
Price: $225.00

The Practical Handgun Course is designed for the handgun shooter who wants to move beyond the basics. The participants should be familiar with loading and unloading their firearms, and the fundamentals of aiming and safely firing their handgun. This class will focus on the defensive use of handguns.

Topics will include a review of marksmanship fundamentals. High speed aiming. Efficient presentations from the holster, both tactical and emergency reloading, Movement during the presentation. Shooting on the move. Shooting around and over cover. Multiple target engagements. And precise targets such as headshots and partially covered targets. This course will also give students a solid roadmap of what to practice and how to improve and maintain proficiency.


Understanding of gun safety and range rules and have basic knowledge of handgun use. You must supply your own handgun. Ammo requirements are approximately 450 rounds.

Class Schedule

0800 – Introduction and safety briefing
0830 – Review of fundamentals of marksmanship. Dry and live fire
0930 – Presentation from the holster, including gear placement. Dry and live fire.
1030 – Flash sight picture, compressed trigger press. Dry and live fire.
1130 – Lunch Break
1230 – Reloading from slide lock. Dry and live fire
1300 – Tactical reloading. Dry and live fire.
1330 – Presentations/Shooting on the move. Dry and live fire.
1500 – Multiple targets engagements.
1530 – Shooting from behind cover.
1600 – Small target engagement.
1630 – Close and debrief.

Bring The Following

  1. Handgun. Centerfire only, no rimfire handguns
  2. Three magazines or three-speed loaders if using a revolver
  3. 450 rounds minimum ammo
  4. Proper clothing for the weather
  5. Snacks. lunch and plenty of water
  6. Please clean your gun in advance of the course or bring your gun cleaning kit with you
  7. Notebook and pen
  8. Eye and ear protection
  9. Sunscreen, hats, long sleeves shirts, long pants, training shoes
  10. Belt, holster, magazine pouch or other means of carrying additional ammunition, weapon cleaning equipment
  11. Gloves and elbow pad- optional

Instructor Bio

Mike Lazarus holds 27 years of experience as a law enforcement officer, as well as 19 years SWAT including sniper, assaulter, team sergeant, FBI certified firearm instructor, MP5 and Sub Machine gun instructor, Defensive tactics instructor, Police Academy instructor, 13 years of experience in the US Army with multiple overseas deployments. Airborne, SOTIC, PSD, SRT, small arms armorer, various other military schools, Faculty member in California State University, Northridge and Ventura College. Hobbies include outdoor sports, hunting, competitive shooting.


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