Steel Challenge Club 1 Year Membership

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Membership Benefits:

  1. Access to the Assigned Shooting Bays on Tuesday through Sunday plus holiday Mondays from 7 am to 5 pm. (Except on competition Saturdays)
  2. $5.00 discount on competition matches.
  3. 5% discount on our CTA brand ammunition with a purchase of 1000 Rounds or more.
  4. 25% discount on any additional family member membership.
  5. 30 % discount on any other club yearly membership.
  6. Free three (3) visits the public portion of the Range.
  7. Access to “Members Only” events.
  8. Members will be processed for a fast check‐in without additional paperwork.
  9. The cost of the first additional guest shooter of the Member that shoots will be at $40.00 per day Range fees for additional guest shooters are paid in advance per shooter at a flat rate per day. Visitors and guests do not have to pay but must complete the Release and Hold Harmless Agreement form.

**All benefits are subject to changes

Steel Challenge Club Membership in Outdoor Shooting Range

Membership in the Piru Holding LLC Shooting Range, dba California Tactical Academy (“CTA“) will be available only to those persons who are legally able to own and possess a firearm and are at least 21 years of age. Members must be in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws concerning the handling and ownership of firearms. Memberships will be granted and may be revoked, in accordance with this Agreement, at the sole discretion of CTA.

Cancellation Policy:

Payment of the Membership Fee is a final and complete sale. There shall be no right to “freeze” the Membership at any time after the start of the Membership. There shall be no right to cancel the Membership at any time after the start of the Membership. However, CTA reserves the right, to be exercised in the sole discretion of CTA, to terminate the Membership if the Member’s conduct, which includes any of Member’s Club persons who use the Range, presents a safety hazard to any person, or any animal, on any part of the Range. In the event CTA terminates the Membership, CTA may refund 50.00% of the unused portion of the Member’s prepaid Membership Fee to be refunded on a pro‐rated basis for each unused, full calendar month. For example, if the Membership is terminated by CTA during the first month after the start of the Membership, the Member would receive a refund of 50% of 11/12th of the unused portion of the Member’s prepaid Membership Fee. In no event will there be any refund of any prepaid Membership Fee for a partial month.

All persons using the Shooting Range must please:

  • Complete the Terms & Conditions in below Agreement;
  • Carefully read, understand, and agree to the Terms and Conditions link provided as Exhibit “A”. Exhibit “A” is incorporated into this Membership Application & Agreement by this reference.
  • Carefully read and understand the Firearm Shooting Range Use Safety Rules link provided as Exhibit “B”. Exhibit “B” is incorporated into this Membership Application & Agreement by this reference.
  • Carefully read and understand Release and Hold Harmless Agreement (all persons going on the Shooting Range shall be bound a Release and Hold Harmless Agreement) link provided as Exhibit “C”. Exhibit “C” is incorporated into this Membership Application & Agreement by this reference; and
  • Sign and date on the next page and then return this Membership Application &Agreement, with all three Exhibits, to the Range Office for processing and payment of the fee to be prepaid in advance of the use of the Range.


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