Navy SEAL Handgun Mastery

Advanced Tactical Handgun Training

Course: Navy SEAL Handgun Mastery
Level: Intermediate
Dates: July 20, 2019
Length: 1 Day
Price: $400 for new / $325 for returning SEAL program trainees

*Possible cancellation in case course is not filled with minimum number of participants. 

Course: Beginners Rifle Course LVL 1
Dates: June 23, July 20th, 2019
Price: $189.00

Navy SEAL Handgun Training Course Los Angeles

This course begins where our Handgun Concepts leaves off. As each shooter continues to work on the basics, you will learn efficiency, speed, target acquisition, sight vs target focus and threat recognition by working the same drills and scenarios U.S. Navy SEALS use.

UDT instructors will be there by your side to pinpoint the areas each shooter needs to fine-tune their mechanics and movement. By doing this your speed and efficiency are forced to increase. You will see a significant difference in your performance in just a few short hours. This course is the course each shooter needs, to take their skills to a Special Forces level.

What You Will Learn

  • Re-enforcing the basics
  • Fine-tuning your mechanical movement
  • Understanding the difference in single tasking and multi-tasking movement
  • Speed
  • Target acquisition
  • Sight vs Target focus
  • Threat Recognition, and more


It is recommended that each shooter have knowledge in the handgun fundamentals and be able to effectively engage targets up to 25 yards.

Bring The Following

  1. Handgun
  2. Holster (No cloth or cross draw holsters)
  3. 2-3
  4. Magazine pouch (Recommend no cloth holsters. If you need guidance, feel free to contact us)
  5. 700 rounds of rifle ammunition
  6. Ear and eye protection
  7. Appropriate clothing attire
  8. Gun lube and cleaning kit
  9. Water
  10. Snacks


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