California Tactical Academy FAQs

Yes, We are currently open Wednesday – Sunday from 8 AM to 4 PM. Summer hours are 8 AM – 5 PM throughout the period of July 1 – August 31. *Check holiday hours in advance.

We have one of the largest Public shooting facility in California; the range fee will allow you access to the 1000-yard RIFLE, multi-yard PISTOL, double point fixed SHOTGUN and Rim Fire ranges.

The cost per shooter per day is $20.00.

The fee includes unlimited shooting at steel targets that are set up in the rifle, pistol and shotgun ranges, plus you’ll get a board with two paper targets for 100 yards. We offer discounts to active duty police, military personnel, and children under 14 years of age.

All shooters must be at least eight years old or older and accompanied by a parent or authorized guardian 21 years or older AT ALL TIMES.

Yes, once our range master calls for a cease-fire, you’ll be able to set your own (paper) targets using the supplied target board. Shooting at any other object, i.e. golf balls, cans, etc., is prohibited.

Extra board with targets is 5$, which you can set at 50 yards, 200, 300 & 400 yards.

ABSOLUTELY NO steel jacket or steel core ammunition (armor piercing, incendiary rounds, tracer rounds) or bi-metal rounds may not be used on the Range at any time.

We allow Muzzle loading rifles and pistols of all calibers including sporting rifles up to .58 calibers. Modern tactical and sniper rifles up to .50 Caliber may be shot at steel targets starting at 600 yards and all paper targets starting at 100 yards.

We do not allow modern tactical rifles above .50 calibers.

Before shooting any large caliber rifle, you must clear your rifle and ammunition with a “Range Safety Officer” or the “Range Master.”

We offer catering service deliver to the range. See our catering menu under Range Rental.

You can buy water, coffee, drinks and snacks at the pro shop.

Yes, you can bring up your propane or gas grill. Charcoal grills are not allowed.

Shooting from the holster is not allowed on the public range but is allowed on the private ranges.

Yes. You are free to use a bow and arrow only on our private ranges.

We are currently developing bow and arrow rental and sale, we recommend to sign up to our email list to receive live updates.

ALL Minors Must Be Accompanied by a PARENT or GUARDIAN.
The following people are NOT allowed to sign a waiver for a Minor:
Friends, Grandparents, Siblings (brother or sister), Aunts, Uncles, Parents of other participating Minors.