Steel Challenge Club Matches

Steel Challenge club matches are back every 2nd Saturday of the month.

Steel Challenge Matches Los Angeles

Standard Steel Challenge Club Rules & Configuration apply. More details, competition rules, and configuration is available here: This is an SCSA sanctioned, Level I, match with all eight of this year’s Steel Challenge Stages of fire. USPSA membership is not required to shoot this match but is required for SCSA classification. SCSA rules will apply. Please, pistol caliber ammo only, IPSC major or less power-factor.

General Details Of The Competition And Its History – Steel shooting offers a port of entry to the shooting sports that is far less intimidating than practical shooting. Steel shooting provides an excellent starting place for young or beginning shooters. It also provides a soft way for those who have begun to suffer the problems associated with aging a vehicle to remain involved in the shooting sports. (Dave Stanford 1989)

What Will Be Our Potential Schedule Moving Forward? – Regular Monthly Steel Challenge Match each 2nd. Saturday of every month  Help keep the Steel Challenge Alive by supporting this match every month. As attendance grows, additional match weekends will be added. Range Memberships (Yearly) are available.

Is It The Same Competition Every Month? – Yes and No.

  • Yes, The Stages of fire will remain the same classic eight stages of the Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships. This way people can gauge their progress and skill level, get classified with the SCSA, and set personal bests, etc.
  • No, because as attendance grows, we can offer separate matches for Pistol caliber carbines, open race guns, 22 rifles, and pistol, etc.

When Is The Next Competition? – 2nd Saturday of every month. Please join our newsletter for special deals and event announcements. Recommended gear when arriving at the range: holster, ammo, water, sunblock etc.

Eye protection &, hearing protection are mandatory for all shooters and spectators. Hats, sunblock, and water are advisable, limited water & Gatorade available, 300 rounds of Ammo is recommended,

Any safe pistol in good condition, of the 9mm caliber to 45 ACP or .22 rimfire may be used. Guns must be in a range bag or gun rug when not being shot .22 cal. Rimfire rifles and pistol caliber carbines are also acceptable.

Centerfire pistols are drawn from a securely worn holster located at the side or forward of the hip. No shoulder, ankle, or small of back holsters. Holsters are not mandatory, and all guns can be shot from the low ready position. See the SCSA rules book on the website below;

If you never shoot a steel challenge here is what you need to know: Be ready to have the most fun you have ever had with a pistol or carbine. Everything else we will teach you!!

Steel challenge match will begin shooting at 8:00 am. Check begins at 7:30 am. But anyone can check in and shoot at any time from 7:30 up until noon.


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