Private Outdoor Shooting Range

Private Bay #4 is a 3 Weapon Range. Minimum 2 shooters, includes up to 4. Any additional shooters are $30.00. See the additional shooter option at the bottom.

***Please note that Private Bay #4 is completely booked from December 14th-17th and any reservations made for these dates will be canceled*** 

Firearms allowed: Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols
Ammo restrictions: NO steel jacket or steel core ammunition (armor piercing, incendiary rounds, tracer rounds) or bi-metal rounds.

Amenities: shaded area, shooting benches, portapotty. Targets and barricades are available at additional cost.
Parking: Accommodates up to 20 vehicles.

Bay size: Length – 125 ft / Width – 81 ft

*Please select the date, the time, followed by the number of additional shooters