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Cowboy Competition Los Angeles is designed for all levels of shooting experience.

Cowboy Action Shooting Match is back every 1st Sunday of the month.

Cowboy Action Shooting Competition in California

S.A.S.S. Cowboy Action Shooting 1st Sunday – Single Action Shooting Society (S.A.S.S.) Cowboy Action Shooting is a 3 gun action steel sport using 19th-century firearms and wearing 19th-century cowboy style clothing while shooting at steel targets. The match is designed for all levels of shooting experience. We also offer a safe, family-friendly environment while providing an enjoyable low-stress atmosphere. This is a great entry-level activity for people who have never shot firearms. Schedule: Sign up starts at 8 am shooters meeting at 9 am.

There is also a competitive side to “Cowboy Action Shooting”. The Single Action Shooting Society is a worldwide organization that provides state, regional, national and world championships. The firearms we use are known as “cowboy guns”. This is because these guns were featured in the popular “Old West” cowboy tv shows and movies that started in the 1900’s through present day. These guns include single action pistols, lever action rifles, and western style shotguns (double barrel side by side, the 1897 pump and lever action shotguns). The participants are required to wear clothing that is reflective of the period or featured in western movies and TV shows. If you do not have any of the guns required to come on out to the match anyway. The match director, World Champion, “Lefty Longridge “, aka Joe Alesia, will show you the necessary guns and equipment to get started! The following is a list of the basic equipment needed to shoot a match.

Acceptable Firearms – 2 Single Action Pistols- allowable calibers: 32,38,357, 44-40, and 45. Lever Action Pistol Caliber Rifle known as a “Saddle” Rifle. Double barrel, 1897 pump or 1896 lever action Shotgun.

Ammo Requirements – Lead bullets only. No jacketed ammo. FPS must be no less than 700, no more than 1000 fps.

Acceptable Holsters And Gunbelts – Holsters must be of a design from the 19th century. They must be made of leather and safely retain the pistols while the shooter is moving to and from the shooting positions.

Acceptable Clothing – The spirit of the sport is to reflect a western town of the 19th century or B-Western television show. Cowboy hats, modern cowboy boots, and Roper type boots are acceptable. No Ball Caps, any athletic shoes, t-shirts, short sleeve shirts, short pants, combat boots, nylon boots or canvas shoes, designer jeans or any clothing with a logo.


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